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a little background

November 24, 2006

 1notedesigns sticker

Hey all! Welcome to the current home of 1notedesigns. 1notedesigns is the “umbrella” that covers the work and artwork of jonny1note…me!

I’ve been scribbling since I can remember. Over the years, that scribbling has morphed and manifested itself in many different platforms…pencil sketches, painting, tattooing, pinstriping, graphic arts, layout, design, a little photography, woodworking, urban vinyl, and more. Pretty early on, along the way, I discovered skateboarding and punk rock…both of which have seeped their way into my artistic unconscious.

I’ll be updating this front page as things develop, but to see the art and stuff, go over there to the right, and you can check some stuff out. This is where I’ll be staging my artistic revolution.

– j1n