yeah, so this is a blog…funny…i have all the comments disabled. except for here. here, you can comment on the stuff i have the audacity to call “art”. you can yell at each other, complain about me and each other…to me. threaten, cry, etc, etc.


5 Responses to “babble”

  1. Janna Scott Says:

    Great stuff ! – You have a “good eye” for color & media use – I especially like the turtles on the wood skatebords, and the “lotus – divided” painting. Thanks for sharing ! – Janna Scott

  2. jvm Says:

    Thanks Janna! That’s my sister, y’all, and a GREAT artist!! Probably my original inspiration!

  3. Matt Klein Says:

    Nice Stuff Mister One Note!!! When are we skating that thing in Bayone? It looks Rad!!!!!!!!!

  4. jvm Says:

    Thanks Matt! That thing has “no trespassing” signs every 15 feet or so around the perimeter now…and double chained and padlocked gate. I skated it a few weeks back 😉

  5. Brad Mischler Says:

    Fantastic work Jon. What else is there to say??? You have an artistic talent few possess.

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