Pyrography, woodburning, whatever you want to call it. It’s decorating wood with heat or fire.

I love this…love the way wood smells when it burns…love the zen mindset that sets in with deep concentration when it’s just you and the wood…love to see the way people get stoked on a design that is one-of-a-kind and done custom for them.

It’s been a lot of skateboards and turtles so far. I guess the tropical feel of these longboards kinda calls for that style. But if you give me a piece of wood, I can freehand any style of design on it…woodland imagery, scrollwork, filigree, graphic stuff, lettering, whatever. Your ideas or mine…or a combination of both.

campfire for Brad – pintail – collection of B. Mischler

turtle #1 –pintail – private collection


baby turtles for ewag – winger swallowtail collection of Eric Wagner


turtle #2 (for 7) – pintail collection of 7 Adams


zen cat – winger swallowtail – collection of A. Franks


kine hanger– winger swallowtail – collection of JMC

kine cruiser– pintail – collection of JMC


Koi (for 5Points Tim) – winger swallowtail – collection of 5Points Tim


turtle #3 – winger swallowtail – collection of J. Jackson


turtle #4 –pintail – private collection



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